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Powering Global Trade

Hypersoft Ventures is developing an industry changing platform to bring efficiency, growth, and transparency to the global trade process. Our platform is designed to deliver solutions and services that promote trade, facilitate transactions, connect marketplaces  and generate superior profits and global brand recognition for users.  Our next generation of development includes smart contracts, combined ordering, real time translation, cross border payments and blockchain traceability.


Trade between China and Brazil is underdeveloped and technology solutions will fuel growth in cross border transactions, bridging this gap. Register with and join the Digital Silk Road. 

With BOAPIN you can...

Facilitate direct trade between buyers and sellers; allow buyers to seamlessly identify sellers cost effectively.

Shorten trade process time cycle through paperless transactions; share detailed product information, certification and more.

Create an e-commerce store instantly.

Negotiate competitively between buyers and sellers; sophisticated and detailed request for quote (RFQ) tool.

Trading benefit from insightful commodities reporting & business analytics for both sellers and buyers.

Access "User Friendly" sales management system; RFQ, order management protocol  and invoicing system for sales contracts.

Key Industries
Large Tractor
Reinforcing Steel
Wine Barrels

Maximized Shareholder Value

Full Transparency 

Quotation of its common stock on a national stock exchange