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About Hypersoft Ventures

Hypersoft Ventures is developing an industry changing platform to bring efficiency, growth, and transparency to the global trade process. Our platform is designed to deliver solutions and services that promote trade, facilitate transactions, connect marketplaces  and generate superior profits and global brand recognition for users.  Our next generation of development includes smart contracts, combined ordering, real time translation, cross border payments and blockchain traceability.


BOAPIN is a technology platform uniquely positioned to deliver B2B solutions for the import/export trade sector by deploying cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, smart contract and blockchain.  Our platform aims to shorten the trade cycle, increase trade efficiencies and grow global trade.  Designed as an open-architecture platform, BOAPIN will build an ecosystem which digitalizes the trade process.


Highlights from the 8th Annual Rondônia Rural Show in Rondônia, Brazil


Hypersoft Ventures presented its intelligent e-commerce commodities trading solution, BOAPIN, at the 8th Annual Rondônia Rural Show, a technology and business fair for agribusiness from the state of Rondônia, Brazil.  

"The Hypersoft Ventures solution, BOAPIN, offers a unique opportunity for Brazilian agricultural and commodities producers to increase and develop their exports by helping them to connect, trade and facilitate transactions," said Mr. Robert C. Johnson, president of Hypersoft Ventures.


Mr. Antonio Campanari, Brazil business advisor for Hypersoft Ventures, adds that "the response from government officials and trade organizations has been extremely positive. There are several important government initiatives that directly relate to the BOAPIN solution and we are translating that into successful opportunities for the agricultural community."

  • Launched BOAPIN.com to agri-business community of Rondônia.

  • Meetings with government officials  including Senators from Rondônia and the Minister of Infrastructure.

  • Meetings with trade organizations, including: CNA: Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock, SEBRAE, Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises, FIEAC, Federation of Industries from the state of Acre,  and FIERO, Federation of Industries from the state of Rondônia.

  • Business development meetings with potential platform partners to develop trade finance solutions.