Hypersoft Ventures is developing an industry changing platform to bring efficiency, growth, and transparency to the global trade process. Our platform is designed to deliver solutions and services that promote trade, facilitate transactions, connect marketplaces and generate superior profits and global brand recognition for users.  Our next generation of development includes smart contracts, combined ordering, real time translation, cross border payments and blockchain traceability.

Securities Details

Symbol                                                WHSI
Exchange                                             OTC
Outstanding shares                297,399,177


Investment Considerations

Certain assets of Hypersoft Ventures were acquired by Wearable Health Solutions Inc.


Next generation of platform features to include Blockchain Technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart Contracts.

Developing fin-tech solutions for cross border trade transactions. 

Focused on expansion of fee based portal registrants.

Proven management team has more than 30 years of combined experience in business, finance and marketing.

Well positioned to capitalize on trade organization partnerships for sales growth.

Pursuing relationships with Chinese importers and establishing a digital marketing program within China.